No learning curve: InvisionFree is designed to be easy for you and your members to use. We provide top-notch free support and documentation to help you out. Learn just how easy it is.

No boundaries: InvisionFree offers advanced features for forum experts looking for a feature-filled, fast, reliable service at no cost. Learn just how powerful our free forum hosting is.

No stress: Let InvisionFree do the work. You devote your time solely to your members while we provide the free forums and the free hosting. We maintain the boards and keep them updated. Learn how little work you need to do.

Secure Your Forum
Protect your forum with a few simple steps. Common security problems can be easily avoided if you are careful... Read the full article
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New Features
InvisionFree is actively developed to create more features. Learn about our latest unique features. Read about some of our features that will be ready soon.
Forum Tips & Tricks
Get the most out of your forums. There are many powerful features and tools available on your forums that are relatively unknown to the average user. These tips and tricks will help you save time and use your forums to their fullest.
User Guide & Tutorials
Learn how to use all the features available on your forum. The moderator guide explains how to keep a forum organized and under control. The admin guide will help you setup and maintain your forum. The user guide explains the basics to new users on your forum.